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Terms and Conditions of Security 365 Service


Effectuated on December 12 2020

This document, Terms and Conditions of Security 365 Service (hereinafter, the ‘Terms’), describes the terms and conditions of utilizing the company’s consumer products, web site, and service (the ‘Services’). By utilizing, accessing, or searching Security 365 service, platform and products (including application, mobile, software, website or other assets owned or operated by Security 365) or registering a Security 365 account (hereinafter, the ‘Services’), you consent to comply with the Service Terms provided by Service 365 (hereinafter, “Security 365’ or the ‘Company’).


1. Privacy protection

In order to operate and provide the Services, the Company collects specific information about you. The Company utilizes and protects such information as prescribed in the personal information protection policy. In the event that you utilize the Services, you accept that the Company’s personal information protection policy[1] will be applied and how Security 365 collects, stores and utilizes specific information.


2. Change in the Terms

The Company has the right to make a change in the Terms. The Company posts the latest version of this Terms on the site (hereinafter, the ‘Site’). If you keep utilizing the Services after the posting or sending of a notice on a change in the Terms, it means that you agree to the updated Terms.


3. User contents

Any electronic document uploaded and saved by you in your account are called ‘contents’ in the Company. You have the ownership of all of the contents you have uploaded in your account. Through the various services of the Company, you can save or share your contents and receive others’ data. The Company does not claim ownership over your contents. The ownership and responsibility of such a content belon Service to you and other people, protect you and the Service g to you. With the necessary limit for providing the and improve the Company products and services; you grant the Company with a free intellectual property right license worldwide to utilize (ex. Keep, transmit, change form, indicate and distribute your contents by providing functions such as writing replies, sharing, search, image, thumbnail, preview, optical character reading (OCR), convenient classification and organization, and customization) your contents.


4. User’s responsibilities

You agree to comply with the following rules in order not to damage to the Services, encourage or support anyone to haram the Services, and exploit the Services to harm anyone;

  • (a) Damage, inactivate, overload or deteriorate the Services (or networks connected to the Services), or (b) resell or re-distribute the Services or its parts, or (c) change the Services using an unauthorized means or change the paths, or gain an access right or try to do such an activity, or (d) access or utilize the Services using the auto process or Services (ex. Regularly caching the information saved in Security 365 or Spider or Bot) or, (e) use the Services in excess of the assigned functions and provided capacity for an involved service or in violation of the Company’s fair utilization policy or, (f) violate the law(s) on malignant contents distribution or malignant codes utilizing the Services or, (g) distribute, post or share unentitled or illicit information or contents.

As part of the efforts for service protection, customer protection or prevention of violation of the Terms, the Company holds the right to block or prohibit the transmission of files, emails or other communication documents utilizing the Services. The Company also has the right to inactivate, change or request you to change your Security 365 user ID, user specified or false URL user specified link or false domain.


5. Software

In the event of utilizing some of the Services, a user can download automatically-updated client software (hereinafter, the ‘Software’). Unless the user violates the Terms, the Company grants the user a limited, non-exclusive, nontransferable, and revocable license to utilize the Software only for the purpose of access to the Services. Other than the following cases prohibited by law, the user consents not to do any reverse analysis or decompiling or try or comply with any such act.


6. Service availability

The Service, a third-party app and service, and the data or products provided through the Service may be sometimes unavailable, restricted, or change according to your area of use or device. The Company always works to make the service available. However, according to circumstances, all of the online services may be suspended, and blackout may occur. The Company is not liable for any of your losses and discontinuation caused by such service suspension. In the event of a blackout, you may not be able to find your contents or data you have stored. The Company recommends regular backup of the contents saved in the Services or contents and data stored using a third-party app and service.

7. Service suspension

The Company may decide to suspend service provision in order to respond to unexpected situations beyond the Company’s control or comply with legal requirements. In this case, the Company notifies an involved user(s) of such prior to a reasonable period of time so that the user can send his or her data out of the company system. In the event of such a service suspension before the expiration of a set or minimum period of a paid service, the Company refunds the amount that the user has already paid but unserved.

8. Service update

The Company, whenever necessary, may change and update Services or improve functions; add or delete functions; or temporarily suspend or stop Services.


9. Provision of services as they are

The Company provides the Services ‘as they are’ ‘with all the defects’ and ‘as in the available state’; does not make any explicit or implicit statement or warrant (ex. Warranty on marketability, satisfying quality, fitness in specific purpose, or non-infringement) nor suggest any conditions. The Company does not guarantee that the Services will not be suspended, have no error, are free of any harmful components, are safe, and will not be lost or damaged. In the event of not being satisfied with some of the Services or the Terms, the only and exclusive way for your remedy is to stop using the Services.


10. Third-party app and service

The Services support you to access or obtain third-party (party(s) other than the Company) products, services, websites, links, contents, materials, games, technology integration, bots or application programs (‘Third-party apps or services’). In any cases where you search, request, or interact with Third-party apps or services, or let them share your contents or data; you understand that, so long as you utilize the Security 365 service, it is guided to provide the Third-party apps and services to you. Moreover, through the Third-party apps and services, or through the writers, suppliers or operators of the Third-party apps and services, you can save your contents or data.

11. Liability limits

Security 365 and involved affiliates, resellers, executives, staff, agents, suppliers or license holders, in any case, are not liable for indirect, accidental, special, punitive, concealed, or consequential damages (including lost profit, sales, business rights, usage or damage to contents without limitation), regardless of any reason, that have taken place even after the Company’s notification about the possibility of such a damage in accordance with the theory of liability inclusive of (and not limited to) contracts, unlawful behaviors, warranties, negligence, etc. to the extent not prohibited by law.

12. Dispute settlement and governing law

You should comply with all and any domestic and international export laws and regulations applicable to the service use such as software. Such laws include the restrictions over a destination, end user and final use.


13. Waiver or right, clause separation, and transfer

You should comply with all and any domestic and international export laws and regulations applicable to the service use such as software. Such laws include the restrictions over a destination, end user and final use.


14. Fee

Security 365 provides both free and fee-based services. When you subscribe to the fee-based service, you agree to pay the fee presented to you when purchasing the service (hereinafter, the ‘Fee’). The Company, based on the billing data provided to the Company at the time of service purchase, can calculate the taxes to be paid by you. You are responsible for paying every charge related to the utilization of purchased services (ex. data cost and foreign exchange balance). You pay Security 365 in the currency you presented at the point of purchase. Security 365 has the right to change to an eligible currency anytime.


Although Security 365 has the right to change the prices, in the case where the Company provides a specific period and fee for your service utilization, the Company consents to freeze the fee during the corresponding period. After the lapse of the provided period, your service usage will be charged at the current rate. If you do not agree to such a change, you should stop and cancel service use (Security 365 staff’s confirmation on cancellation required). In the event of cancellation, the service will terminate at the end of the current service period or paid period, and the previously-paid service fees will not be refunded.

15. Subscription period

You can select one of the following subscription plans and billing options (select only one of them according to your service of purchase);

Monthly subscription plan (hereinafter, the ‘Monthly subscription plan’). The Monthly subscription plan provides 1-month period of use and is automatically renewed unless cancelled at least 3 business days prior to the renewal date. Until you cancel the plan, the fee will be charged on the same day of each month. Annual subscription plan (hereinafter, the ‘Annual subscription plan’).


The Annual subscription plan provides 1-year period of use and is automatically renewed on the same day of each year unless cancelled at least 3 business days prior to the renewal day. Until you cancel the plan, the fee will be charged on the same day of each year. The Annual subscription plan does not allow to cancel the Security 365 services that you have chosen or reduce the number of usage rights or downgrade them until the commencement of the subsequent annual subscription. Please pay attention to this aspect if you are to purchase the 1-year plan. If you are not certain about it, it is desirable to choose the Monthly subscription plan.


If you choose the Monthly subscription plan, you can always change to the Annual subscription plan anytime. If you choose the Annual plan, you cannot change to the Monthly plan until 1 year has passed under the Annual subscription plan.


16. Payment conditions

  • Fee. In the event of any charge related to a part of the Services, you agree to pay the fee in a designated currency. Unless otherwise stated, the fee designated for the Services does not include any relevant taxes and exchange charges. If the fee is not fully paid within a set period, the Services may be suspended or cancelled. In the event of service suspension or cancellation due to a delinquent fee, a user account and involved contents may be prevented from access and use.

  • Payment repetition. If you purchase the Services in a periodical subscription manner (ex. monthly or yearly), you consent that the periodic subscription to the Services is for you to approve repeated payments until termination by you or the Company and pay the Company in the manner and period of repetition you have agreed to. In order to stop the billing and continue to use the services, you should cancel the service before the next billing day.

  • Refund policy. Unless otherwise specified by law or in a specific service provision, every purchase is final and nonrefundable. Excluding the cases otherwise required by law, the Company has the right to refund or issue credits at its discretionary assessment. When the Company makes a refund or credit issuance, the Company has no obligation to make any same or similar refund in the future as well. The refund policy has no effect on the applicable legal rights.

  • Service cancellation. You can cancel the Services anytime for any reason. If you cancel the pay-based service, further fee for service continuation is discontinued.

  • Fee change. The Company may change service fees anytime. In the case of your repeated purchase, the Company sends a notification at least 15 days before fee change via email or other reasonable manner. If you do not agree with the changed fee, you should cancel and stop your service use before changed fee application. In the case that the period and fee for your service of use are fixed that fee will be applied over the remainder of the period.


17. Applicable services

The following products, apps and services are subject to the Terms and Conditions of Security 365 Service, but may not be available on the market of your side.


  • SHIELDrive

  • SHIELDEX File Online

  • SHIELDEX Mail Online

  • SHIELDEX Web Online

  • SHIELD@Home

  • SHIELDesktop

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