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Security 365 Privacy Policy


Effectuated on December 12 2020

This Privacy Policy describes how to collect, utilize and handle a user’s personal information when the user utilizes the Security 365 website, software and services (hereinafter, the ‘Services’).


1. Information collection and utilization

The Company collects and utilize the following information for the purposes of Security 365 service improvement, provision, protection, and promotion.


  • Account information. The Company collects a user name, email address, phone number, payment information, actual address, etc. provided to Security 365 when a user creates an account or upgrades to a fee-based service or sets up a 2-factor authentication; and the Company connects to the user account.

  • User data. The Company, for the convenience of a user, saves files, documents, photos, comments, messages, etc. (hereinafter, the ‘User Data’); and provides convenient services customized for users for their cooperation with others and work in multiple devices and services. To this end, the Company saves, processes, and transmits not only the User data but relevant information, too.

  • Usage data. The Company, with respect to the Security 365 service, monitors user activities and collects information of every measure, etc. taken in relation to access to and use of the information and contents inside the Security 365 service such as applications and functions utilized by users, websites visited by users, names and sizes of files or folders users upload, download, share or access during their Security 365 service use, and contents accessed by users.

  •  Device data. The Company also collects data on devices utilized by users in order to access the Services. Such data include an IP address, browser used by users and device type, webpages opened before accessing the Security 365 website and related sites, and identifiers linked to devices being used. Depending upon the settings of involved device, the Company may send location information to the Services. For instance, based on the device data, the Company can detect abusive behaviors and find and remove bugs.

  • Data collected through other sources. The Company can collect information from third-party applications and combine with other information gained through the Security 365 service. Access or restrictions on the Company over information obtained from a third party are subject to the privacy policy and approval procedure set up by a third party.

  • The Company delivers news on marketing, service, functionality, survey, newsletter, discount, promotion, contest, and event; provide other news or information on Security 365 service and partner companies selected by the Company; monitors and analyzes relevant trends, usage and activities for the purposes of Security 365 service, sales marketing or advertisement.


2. Data sharing and release

Except in cases where, as described in this Privacy Policy, a user permitted, or the 365 service is provided to a user, the Company will not share with a third party private information about users or information about contents. The Company may share such information if it (a) shares with a third party, vendor, or other service providers work for the Company, (b) shares information on third party-Security 365 integrative functions chosen by a user to utilize during his or her Security 365 use or information on other third-party products, or (c) needs to share such for its user safety protection or is required by law or legal procedures.


3. Personal information protection

The company is working to protect users’ personal information. The Company, in order to prevent personal data loss, theft, abuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, change, and damage has taken appropriate technological and organizational measures. The Company complies with the laws on information protection, privacy, security violation notification, etc.


The Company protects users’ personal information in several methods including the following;

  • Encode contents when saving users’ contents in the Company data center.

  • Protect sensitive data by encoding while transmitting through the public Internet.

  • The Company complies with diverse regulations and manages security programs.


4. Service provided by your organization – End user notice

In the event of using the Security 365 service through an account provided by a user’s organization such as a company or school, the concerned organization may perform the following;

  • Control and manage the involved product and product account including the control of personal information protection settings of the Security 365 service or service account.

Access and manage the user data such as interaction data, diagnostic data, and communication and file contents related to the Security 365 service and service account.


5. Contact

If you have any inquiry or opinion with regards to the Security 365 service and personal information, please contact the Company’s staff in charge of data protection using the Company’s Security 365 service web format. If you receive no reply from the company about your inquiry, you can also contact a data protection supervisory institution in your region.

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