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Security365 plan

Find a perfect Security 365 service for your business.

Try Security 365 free right now and experience safe working environments of
Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace!

(At present, we support Microsoft 365 environments. Google Workspace is slated to be supported in the second half.)

We help you enhance organizational productivity in borderless cloud environments through Security 365 which protects your internal information and eliminates external threats.

Submit an application now
and try the solution free
for 3 months!


\ 3,000

SHIELDrive supports safe document use and collaboration by encrypting data distributed on SharePoint
and Google Drive. 


* VAT exclusive price

Free Trial Scheduled to Begin

SHIELDEX Mail is a service providing safe email environments based on a zero-trust security model.

Coming soon

Free trial

Free Trial Scheduled to Begin

SHIELD@HOME is a remote access solution which can be easily used anytime, anywhere with just a web browser. 

Coming soon

Free trial
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